Limestone Floor Cleaners in Marlow



Is a sedimentary rock and is composed of calcium carbonate and is occasionally mistaken for marble, but it doesn't have strong veining characteristics.

Limestone forms in warm, shallow waters from the accumulation of shells and coral, due to this limestone will quite often have aquatic fossils and shells imprinted into the stone.

Limestone is porous and can stain easily, acidic liquids such as vinegar and citrus juices can etch the stone, once cleaned we recommend protecting the stone using an impregnator sealer, which will allow the natural stone to breathe and then maintain using a PH neutral cleaner.

Limestone Floor Cleaning Process

We ask for all your furniture and valuable items to be removed prior to commencement of work.

Step 01

We will then ensure your walls, skirting and kickboards are suitably protected using plastic sheeting and low tack tape, the floor is then prepared by vacuuming to remove all dry soil and grit.

Step 02

Any old sealer and waxes are stripped back to expose the original floor surface, using the appropriate professional cleaning solution and floor pad/brush the floor and grout lines are deep cleaned using mechanical agitation, the floor is then rinsed, neutralized and extracted using a high powered wet extraction system.

Step 03

The floor is speed dried using industrial air movers, once the floor is dry, the tile and grout are checked using a moisture meter, the floor can then be sealed using an impregnator seal to protect against oil and staining.

We at Pro StoneClean are able to remove scratches and marks using various techniques, including diamond abrasive pads to resurface the stone

Limestone is a soft porous stone and is easily marked and scratched, we at Pro StoneClean are able to remove scratches and marks using various techniques, including diamond abrasive pads to resurface the stone, the floor can then be finished to a honed, satin or semi-polished finish, alternately the floor can have a matt or satin wax applied after sealing the stone with an impregnator seal.


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25 years of grime and grease in the grouting of a kitchen floor has all but disappeared. The first attempt dealt with >90% and then a return visit with a different product to deal with the heavy use areas by the hob and sink gave a really great result.

A pleasure to deal with John and have such a result.

The family home floor has had layers of topical sealer and waxes over the years that I’m aware of over the span of 25 years! John from Pro StoneClean was able to strip the floor back to its original state.

He carefully and professionally re-sealed and applied a wax finish which looks impeccable.

Our Limestone flooring was looking increasingly dirty with lots of scratches. John removed the scratches and has worked wonders, the floor looks amazing.

Completely satisfied with the work and advice are given.

My beautiful Fire Hearth has been beautifully restored by John and Pro StoneClean, the result is great, it looks immaculate and restored to its former beauty

I am truly thankful.

We recently moved house and to our delight discovered an original Victorian tiled floor underneath the carpet, the tiles were covered in dirt, paint and adhesive -

John managed to clean the tiles and strip back all the years of dirt, paint and adhesives. We now have a beautiful period floor that now looks amazing!

We recently moved house and all was good but the Travertine floor in the kitchen/hallway needed some TLC. We thought to replace but would have cost too much. So we contacted Pro StoneClean, John arrived and gave a no-obligation demonstration.

We are so glad we went with it as all scratches are gone and holes filled with a deep clean the flooring looks like new. We are thrilled with the results and thank Pro StoneClean so much for helping make our new house a home.

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